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Innovation Themes – Engineering the Digital Future!


Solutions for provable dependability

Autonomous Systems

  • The systems engineering of Fraunhofer IESE offers innovative solutions for dependable autonomous systems – also as part of digital ecosystems.
  • Industrial production and mobility are two of the research and application foci with enormous potential for solving ecological, social, and economic challenges. 

Exploitation of large data sets

Big Data

  • Creating real tangible added value for companies and individuals from the potential availability of an almost infinitely large treasure trove of data
  • Get qualified as a Data Scientist

Focus Topic

Digital Twin / VE

We support you in addressing the ever-increasing complexity of systems more flexibly, faster, and more cost-effectively through virtual engineering and virtual test environments.


Intelligent Production Control

Industry 4.0

  • Digitalization of companies –
  • vertically from ERP systems to individual sensors of a production line,
  • horizontally in the networking of value chains –

entails numerous challenges.


Digitalization is revolutionizing agriculture

Smart Farming

  • Security and privacy across system boundaries
  • Guaranteed functional safety between tractors and implements

Digitalization in rural areas

Smart Rural Areas

  • Making life in rural areas fit for the future
  • Task for government, research, business, and society
  • Treading new and innovative paths

Fraunhofer IESE sees itself as a pioneer of future-oriented ideas


Fokus Topic

Digital Ecosystems

We support you in

  • positioning yourself with regard to Digital Ecosystems and the Platform Economy 
  • establishing successful Digital Ecosystems.

Fokus Topic

Dependable AI

We make it possible to use AI technologies in critical applications and work with you to find the right use cases and develop dependable AI systems.

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