Innovation Themes

95% of all microprocessors produced are not working in personal computers, as one might believe, but are integrated in a more or less unobtrusive way into everyday items, devices, and machines. The programs executed by these processors, which realize the numerous functions of embedded systems, are subject to very different requirements. Software is everywhere – with its competence in engineering-style software and systems engineering, Fraunhofer IESE is currently working on these latest research highlights:

Research Areas


Smart Rural Areas

Making life in rural areas worth living in the future is our joint responsibility in government, research, business, and society. Science and research should make every effort to support the pursuit of new and innovative paths. The Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE in Kaiserslautern therefore considers itself a pioneer and companion for future-oriented ideas, which are being developed in numerous collaborations with business enterprises.

Smart Ecosystems

Smart Ecosystems form a bridge between the Information Systems domain and the Embedded Systems domain. Smart Ecosystems connect Emergent Systems and CPS into a single ecosystem, in which the Internet of Services, Things, and Data merge with each other, thus resulting in cross-organizational innovative solutions.

Industry 4.0

According to the German Industrie 4.0 Working Group, it revolves around “networks of manufacturing resources (manufacturing machinery, robots, conveyor and warehousing systems and production facilities) that are autonomous, capable of controlling themselves in response to different situations, self-configuring, knowledge-based, sensor-equipped and spatially dispersed and that also incorporate the relevant planning and management systems” (Recommendations for implementing the strategic initiative INDUSTRIE 4.0).


Big Data

The discussion about Big Data is about much more than the clever and profitable analysis of Internet data. In the age of the fourth Industrial Revolution and the emergence of cyber-physical systems and ultimately highly integrated Smart Ecosystems, the issue is to generate actually tangible added value for companies and individuals from the potential availability of a seemingly endless stream of data.

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