Online  /  November 29, 2021  -  December 03, 2021

Embedded Software Engineering Kongress digital 2021

ESE Kongress is Germany’s leading congress for the embedded software industry. Every December, about 1,200 professionals get together to catch up on current technologies and methods, to discuss trends, and to set the course for the future.


Fraunhofer IESE will participate with the following presentations (all in German):

Room Paris: 01.12.2021, 11:30 am - 12:10 pm
Development Processes as Requirements for Better Control
Practice-oriented process design via requirements management
Martin Becker et al., Fraunhofer IESE

“Processes as Requirements” (PaR) is a methodological framework that offers practice-oriented solutions for these and other challenges. The contents of the PaR framework can be used free of charge. PaR brings the regulatory standards into the teams’ RE tools together with the development processes and thereby supports agile self-organization. This reduces regulatory burdens to the necessary minimum and integrates the teams’ practical experiences. The “bi-directional traceability” of the RE tools then provides automated tracking of completeness, coverage, and compliance.
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Room München: 01.12.2021, 4:30 - 5:10 pm
Making Industrie 4.0 Easy with Eclipse BaSyx and Asset Administration Shells
Open source as an enabler for Industrie 4.0 in SMEs and large companies
Frank Schnicke, Fraunhofer IESE

The implementation of Industrie 4.0 presents companies with major challenges. How to correctly implement Digital Twins or changeable production? There are too many norms, standards, and concepts, which makes it impossible to implement everything on your own. The remedy here is to resort to open-source tools and off-the-shelf components.
Eclipse BaSyx is just such a tool, offering easy-to-use components. These can be customized via simple configurations – without any programming knowledge required. In addition, Eclipse BaSyx offers an easy-to-use implementation of Digital Twins in the form of Asset Administration Shells, which are compliant with the work done by the Plattform Industrie 4.0. 
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Room Wien: 02.12.2021, 10:40 - 11:20 am
Increasing the efficiency of software test processes by exploiting the synergies of high- and low-level tests
The CoCoSI test approach
Thomas Bauer et al., Fraunhofer IESE

Analytical quality assurance of software-intensive technical systems requires the systematic coverage of development artifacts at different levels, such as customer requirements at the system level, architecture design and interfaces at the subsystem level, and programming code at the component level. Technical standards such as ISO 26262 contain concrete specifications on the coverage targets and the test techniques to be used in the individual test phases. A key criterion is the systematic checking of implementations against requirements, which can only be demonstrated by functional testing at higher levels, i.e., during subsystem or system testing of the software.
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