Fair  /  06/12/2018  -  06/15/2018

CEBIT 2018

The world’s largest trade fair for information technology from 12 - 15 June 2018

FERAL – Our Simulation Framework

At the fair booth, we will use automotive platforms as an application example to show you how the real and the virtual world can be linked and how the FERAL simulation framework can be used to thoroughly test individual software functions in their complex interaction. Model cars that drive autonomously and that the visitors can follow virtually on the monitor will demonstrate the integration of various driving functions. Experts call these virtual hardware-in-the-loop tests.

The FERAL solution of Fraunhofer IESE is a simulation platform with various components, which allow integrating even complex, heterogeneous scenarios into a test scenario and systematically checking properties in a protected virtual space with the help of digital twins. Such a scenario may be the correct functioning of a pedestrian recognition system or the faultless interaction of two functions from different manufacturers. As no physical test setups and experiments are needed, costs can be saved; on the other hand, specific situations can be generated that only occur rarely in reality or that involve a lot of risk.

You can download our FERAL Flyer here.

Visit us at CEBIT in Hall 27, Booth E78 from 12 June to 15 June 2018.

We will be happy to reserve some time for you – please schedule an appointment by contacting:

Mrs. Birgit Buck


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Only on Tuesday, 12 June, at CEBIT: “Next-Generation Data Protection with IND²UCE”

GDPR and Privacy by Design: With IND²UCE, Fraunhofer IESE offers next-generation data protection technology

The GDPR will enter into full force on 25 May 2018. Personal data will be protected better; customers and consumers will get significantly more rights; companies will be held more accountable. The concept of Privacy by Design, which will be required by regulation for the first time in the GDPR, is closely connected to all levels of an organization and means new, comprehensive challenges for companies: from the organization of processes to the software and the systems that support these processes and perform automated data processing.

At an exclusive event at CEBIT on 12 June, we will present IND²UCE, the next-generation data protection technology. IND²UCE enables Privacy by Design through simple, efficient, effective, and safe integration into existing software, systems, and digital ecosystems. IND²UCE combines components that are crucial for the successful implementation of the GDPR: internal formalization of data protection requirements and guidelines, their management, as well as their technical enforcement at runtime.

By using IND²UCE, organizations will greatly save on development and maintenance effort – particularly in the uniform technical implementation of the individually permitted and purpose-related processing of personal data. At runtime, IND²UCE enables adapting the processing of data without any changes being necessary to the application software or the organization‘s system.

This allows organizations to achieve GDPR compliance in the area of technical Privacy by Design faster and on a highly reliable level. In addition, the risk of reportable data protection incidents is reduced considerably.

At the Fraunhofer booth, we will present a scenario from the financial industry where bank customers can flexibly control various views of their account information for third parties with the help of IND²UCE without any changes having to be made to the underlying processing system.