Scalable User Interface Design for Mobile Applications

Mobile business applications (apps) are ubiquitous in our daily lives today. In our private lives, we use apps in online banking, at airports and train stations when we travel, when we explore our current environment, or when we enjoy multimedia entertainment. In our jobs, apps increasingly support us in performing our workflows. An organization’s presence in app markets such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Marketplace is often already expected as a given, and has an impact on a company’s image. The app markets are growing continually, and the challenge is to stand out positively from the crowd.

One major success factor for apps is therefore very high user experience and availability in all relevant app stores, if possible. These are the reasons why two tools were developed in the project UID4Mobile to design apps for different mobile platforms efficiently and with a large degree of platform-specific UX:

I2ME Framework (Interactive Mockup Building for Mobile Environments)

The i2ME framework allows fast and efficient development of cross-platform, interactive mockups during the design of an app. It focuses on quickly and effectively developing mockups that can be tested by the user on his device.

Mobile User Experience Pattern

Mobile user experience patterns support the design of apps for various platforms as well as the transfer of an app from one platform to others, taking into account platform standards and positive user experience.