DESY: Business-Process-oriented IT Solutions at Deutsches Elektronen- Synchronotron

Today, hardly any organization can make do without IT support for its business processes. In addition to companies and government agencies, this increasingly also affects research organizations, which are often similar in size and complexity to a medium-sized enterprise and sometimes even larger. At the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg, for example, about 2000 employees and 3000 guest scientists are working in the areas of construction and operation of accelerators, photon science, as well as particle and astroparticle physics. Since the effective and efficient operation of such a research institution can only be ensured with the appropriate IT support, corresponding solutions must be adapted strategically to the existing needs. To do this, DESY has in the past developed and established internally suitable methodological processes.

In the context of the DESY-internal projects “GO“ and “KDS“, DESY has been cooperating since 2011 with Fraunhofer IESE, where the research and work foci include methodological introduction of information systems in general and requirements engineering including the modeling of business processes and system architectures in particular. The aim of this collaboration is to drive the mutual exchange of experience in the area of business-process-oriented IT solutions and to optimize methodological processes regarding the sustainable introduction of appropriate concepts.

In the context of the project “GO – Business Process Optimization using an Identity and Access Management System“, DESY intends to create the organizational and technical basis for making business processes more efficient and transparent. In order to create the methodological foundation, the first step was to capture and analyze the business processes. Following the introduction of a suitable software solution (BPM Suite), they were mapped electronically and made accessible via a central end-user portal. In addition to the elicitation and modeling of selected pilot processes, Fraunhofer IESE was involved in the analysis of the current system landscape as well as in the derivation of requirements on tool support for business process and identity management. The subject of the collaboration to date has been the preparation, execution, and packaging of process and system elicitation workshops with representative stakeholders as well as the documentation of the already existing information systems and the development of tender documents.

In the future, Fraunhofer IESE will continue its collaboration in the context of “GO” and support the to-be definition of the pilot processes. Another goal is the development of an operative concept for business process management in order to sustainably establish the desired processes at DESY.

In addition to systems for integrated business process support, DESY also uses special information systems for the documentation and coordination of engineering tasks in plant construction and operation. One of these systems, a cable documentation system (KDS), serves as the central source of information at DESY for the creation and documentation of cable installations.

In another joint project, DESY and Fraunhofer IESE are working on an operation and function concept for the KDS to facilitate its future operation and possible extensions. To this end, Fraunhofer staff are eliciting and analyzing the current operation requirements and the necessary functional extensions for use in future projects. One of these projects is aimed not only at documenting, but also at using the KDS in the early cable planning processes already. The goal of the project is the consolidation and prioritization of all requirements in an integrated operative and framework concept that can be used to assess and prioritize the system evolution that will become necessary in the next few years.