The public sector with its more than four million employees represents one of the largest “business sectors” in Germany. It has to balance regulatory constraints, economic feasibility, and quality of service for its customers. Whether new IT solutions meet with success depends most of all on how well the public sector, business, government, and IT collaborate.

Whereas during the early years of eGovernment, the citizen as a customer of the public sector was the main focus of developments, recent years have seen a growing shift of this focus towards the interface between the public sector and business. This is where the highest gains in efficiency are expected.

Fraunhofer IESE assists partners from all levels of government and public institutions on their way to becoming a high-performance service provider for business and citizens, in short, to become a ‘Smart Government’.

We offer the following services that will allow you to benefit from cooperation with us:

  • Quality assurance in large-scale eGovernment development projects
  • Process analysis and data analysis in survey or benchmarking activities
  • State-of-the-art elicitation, specification, and documentation of requirements
  • Needs analyses and subcontractor selection support
  • Project management support for multi-stakeholder IT projects
  • Process analysis, process modeling, and process improvement in G2B, G2G, and G2C

We offer you individual and tailored services based on your specific needs:

We would like to discuss your individual challenges and provide you with a solution based on your specific needs. Our assets include:

  • Leading-edge knowledge in Software Engineering
  • Neutrality and objectivity
  • Independence

Featured Projects


P23R - German Federal Ministry of the Interior

P23R is a high-profile project commissioned and funded by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior. Its main goal is to develop methods to make the data exchange between commercial enterprises and public agencies easier, more secure, and more reliable.

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