Caruso - Platform and Ecosystem for Vehicle Data

Fraunhofer IESE has been supporting Caruso as a neutral and strategic technology consultant right from the start. Together the partners are developing a digital platform, which serves as a marketplace and broker for data and services to interconnect the automotive aftermarket and transform it into a digital ecosystem.

Success Story: Caruso Dataplace

Caruso relies on the expertise of Fraunhofer IESE in platform economy and digital ecosystems

With the support of Fraunhofer IESE, Caruso GmbH has developed its open and neutral data and service marketplace for the automotive aftermarket. Fraunhofer IESE has been on board right from the start as a neutral and strategic technology consultant. Caruso chose this cooperation because experts from the area of platform economy are needed to establish such platforms in digital ecosystems.

Fraunhofer IESE is considered one of these experts because

  • the institute has great experience with ecosystems in other domains, such as Smart Farming or Smart Rural Areas (SRA)
  • it combines a pragmatic implementation perspective with a far-sighted scientific perspective for further evolution.


What is Caruso and which benefit does the automotive aftermarket get from the platform?


Caruso is an open and neutral data marketplace. It enables new business models and mobility services for all current and future actors in the automotive aftermarket. It creates all the prerequisites for making relevant automotive data accessible to the digital, networked world. The digital transformation of the automotive aftermarket is gaining ground and offers real opportunities for all those who want to be part of this market now and in the future. In the modern, digital world, the traditional value chain is turning into a value network, and as a platform Caruso offers the possibility to establish an ecosystem. This is why Caruso does not only have an eye on the parts industry, but also on complementary segments such as trade, insurance companies, and fleet and leasing companies.


Caruso Marketplace: Dashboard


Fraunhofer IESE has supported Caruso in the following areas:


Working out the ecosystem- and platform idea
Selection of basic technologies and decision support
Design of fundamental concepts for the platform and the marketplace
Design of the User Experience and the user interface of the marketplace
Elicitation and structuring of the Caruso data catalog, also as a study (EN) with companies from the automotive aftermarket
Design of the architecture and development of a first version of the platform, and connection of the partners
Fundamental reasoning on the business model of Caruso
Marketing and communication

On 16 November 2017, Caruso GmbH presented the Caruso Platform at an exclusive event at Fraunhofer IESE in Kaiserslautern.

In the meantime, the Caruso GmbH has grown strongly. Fraunhofer IESE will continue to support Caruso and contribute to strong growth of the platform and the ecosystem.

Caruso management team; from the left: Jürgen Buchert, Ulrich Keil, Christian Müller, Alexander Haid, Jens Knodel. On the right: Matthias Naab from Fraunhofer IESE

Customer Statement

“Thanks to its experience in the topic of Digital Ecosystems, its pragmatic approach, and especially its neutrality, Fraunhofer IESE is a very important technology partner.”

Alexander Haid, Managing Director Caruso


“Fraunhofer has helped us get off the ground.”

Ulrich Keil, CTO Caruso