Automation and Plant Engineering

If machines, plants, and automation technology are to continue to fulfill the requirements of the quality seal “made in Germany“, the traditionally high quality standards must also be applied to the ever increasing amount of software found in this domain. Fraunhofer IESE supports its customers in developing software in a modern and engineering-style manner. This starts with the design of development processes and solid requirements management, includes well-founded safety concepts and analyses, and extends all the way to the automatic testing of software.

Transferring product lines and flexible production to software is one of the most important future-oriented trends: Clean software architectures and requirements-oriented variation management enable maximal reuse of software artifacts. Numerous versions and variants of a basic software can hence be offered quickly and meet demands, with negligible testing effort and thus cost-efficiently. Fraunhofer IESE also offers modern methods and tools for “one-click” automatic software generation.

Modern software development at Fraunhofer IESE includes, among other things:

  • Visualization of software characteristics and behavior
  • Precise, causality-based effort and cost estimation
  • Domain-specific modeling
  • Automated statistical and risk-based software and system tests

Featured Projects


BaSys 4.0 – Making Industrie 4.0 easy

Basic system for Industrie 4.0 – an open platform for the fourth Industrial Revolution.


SPES_XT: Software Plattform Embedded Systems »XT«

While the complexity of embedded systems increases rapidly, the innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. In the meantime, this trend can also be increasingly observed in safetyrelevant applications.


EMC2 – Sichere Teamarbeit in offenen Systemen

Thanks to multi-core CPUs, the newest generations of embedded systems are able to manage highly complex tasks at comparatively low costs. Self-contained systems are turning into open systems – so-called “Smart Ecosystems” –, which have to act dependably in every situation.

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