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Customer Satisfaction through User Experience

Together with the operator of a call center of a large German telecommunications company, Fraunhofer IESE performed a project to increase the employees’ User Experience through innovative interaction concepts.


In the call center domain, positive User Experience is crucial for the achievement of business goals. Call agents handle customer problems with the help of a Knowledge Management System and deal with the customers. In doing so, the call agents establish relationships with the callers. Emotions such as irritation and frustration, as well as joy and satisfaction are experienced.

Method Used

In this project, we applied our special workshop “User Experience for Business Applications - KREA-FUN”. This workshop allowed us to identify innovative features that generated a positive emotional effect among the call agents on the one hand, and contributed to the achievement of business goals due to an increase in customer satisfaction on the other hand.


The call agents’  Knowledge Management System was changed using only a small number of interaction concepts, so that the call agents experienced more joy during their work, which was also reflected in a significant improvement of the satisfaction reported by the call center customers. This was proven empirically over a long period of time.

This shows that UX can be a bridge between business goals and satisfied, motivated employees.