Our Philosophy in User Experience

UX by Construction

We see UX Engineering as an integral part of Software Engineering

Therefore, we always provide constructive guidance. As our methods are developed right from the start as part of a software engineering approach, we can easily adjust and establish them as part of your development process.

We exceed standards

Analytical support is often based on established standards that have existed for a long time. We support you in innovating new products that exceed these standards without violating them.

We base our work on the empirical software paradigm

Therefore, our "UX by Construction" approach is based on empirically proven results, and we always offer our customers the empirical evaluation of the project results to avoid one-hit wonders. As we participate in many UX-related research projects, we can provide their empirical results first-hand, like our sound empirical results regarding the usage of UX patterns in the business software context.

We focus explicitly on business applications

This means that the users are employees who have to use software products as part of their daily work and are not free to choose an alternative product. This is a fact that we always consider explicitly.

We consider more that “just usability”

We explicitly address User Experience aspects such as motivation or trust that exceed usability (efficiency and effectiveness).

UXelerate your Business

Keeping our UX philosophy in mind, we support you in: