Classification – easy and secure.

An employee sends an email to external recipients and has inadvertently attached the confidential Excel table with the current quarterly figures? With our MYDATA Office Add-ins, such scenarios are a thing of the past.

MYDATA Office Add-ins

The MYDATA Office Add-ins support companies in the complete and correct classification of their documents. This does not only promote compliance, but also helps to avoid data losses caused by the unintentional release of confidential documents.

MYDATA Control Office Add-ins are available for Microsoft Office 2013 and newer versions. They support the classification of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and provide protection for mailing documents via Microsoft Outlook.

MYDATA Office Add-ins - Classify, Fraunhofer IESE
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Employees classify Office documents. Easily and securely, with just one click.
MYDATA Office Add-ins - Protect, Fraunhofer IESE
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Our add-ins protect classified documents from being passed on unintentionally.
MYDATA Office Add-ins - Raise Awareness, Fraunhofer IESE
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Employees strengthen their awareness in dealing with sensitive docukents.

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