We protect your systems

We support you in preventing security vulnerabilities in your organization and in controlling the dissemination and usage of your data, and we create control options with which you can control the usage of your data.

Our Competence: Data Security

More Security for your systems

IT security is an important requirement for companies using information technology. Users increasingly count on security against attacks and data protection being assured in IT products and services. However, the increasing complexity and mobility of software and systems present obstacles in security engineering. The design of a system must be demonstrably protected in terms of security, and security needs must be balanced with other system qualities that are just as important. 

This is what we offer:

  • We inspect your existing systems in terms of security vulnerabilities
    We check the solidity of your security design and its implementation
    We evaluate the adequacy and correctness of your security algorithms and test whether the protection of your user interfaces can be overcome

Our Focus


Data Usage Control

A flexible and context-sensitive security solution that protects your data comfortably and effectively. Data security and data sovereignty with the help of Data Usage Control.


IND²UCE Framework

Our distributed data usage control enables you to control the dissemination and usage of your data and thereby offers added value in the area of data security.



Security Engineering

Our policies for secure software design and implementation help you avoid security vulnerabilities and take appropriate technical and organizational security measures in all phases of development and operation.






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