We protect your systems

Fraunhofer IESE will develop a suitable security concept for your data-driven business model: We support you in avoiding security vulnerabilities in your company and in controlling the dissemination and usage of your data, and create control policies that allow you to control the use of your data.

Our Competence: Data Security

The key for data-driven business models

Data security is an important requirement for almost any business. Adequate protection of intellectual property as well as customer and business data is essential for conducting successful and legally compliant business transactions.

However, the increasing complexity and the networking of software and systems into digital ecosystems lead to ever greater challenges. Security must always be aligned with the business processes and other system qualities (such as usability). Traditional and established security measures are just important for this as new, innovative solutions in order to continue to be able to participate securely in data-driven business models in the future.

What does Fraunhofer IESE offer for your data security concept?

  • We inspect your existing systems in terms of data security vulnerabilities.
  • We evaluate the adequacy and correctness of your security algorithms.
  • We test the soundness of your security design and its implementation.
  • We test whether the protection of your interfaces can be penetrated.
  • We research and develop comprehensive control policies that allow you to control the usage of your data in a fine-grained manner even after you have granted other people access to your data.

Our Focal Areas


Research: IND²UCE

Data usage control expands traditional security mechanisms to allow controlling the usage of data even after access.

We have done research in this area for more than ten years under the name IND²UCE. During this time, we performed more than 15 research projects and published more than 40 articles. In 2014, we were awarded an EARTO Innovation Prize.


Technology: MYDATA

With MYDATA Control Technologies we offer software products that solve practical problems from the research area IND²UCE.

Our main product is a piece of software for informational self-determination through data filtering and masking.




Service: Security Engineering

Our policies for secure software designs and implementations help you to avoid security vulnerabilities and to initiate appropriate technical and organizational security measures in all phases of development and operation.

Regular checks, evaluations, and vulnerability scans ensure secure operation.

Further Information about Data Security