Safe and innovative

In addition to systems of systems, innovative technologies are also to be used increasingly in safety-relevant applications. The aim is to have smartphones control mobile work machinery, to integrate wearables from the consumer market into medical applications, or to link data and services in the Cloud with safety-critical functions in vehicles. These examples show that such innovative systems and services also offer great innovation potential for safety-relevant applications. As these were usually not developed with a safety focus in mind, however, innovative safety concepts are needed that aim beyond existing standards and offer safe overall solutions even when unsafe components and services are integrated.        
We have been working for more than a decade in the area of safety engineering for innovative systems in a wide variety of domains. As a Fraunhofer institute, we are an internationally recognized independent institution whose solutions are also highly valued by certification authorities. In addition to our innovative methods and tools, we can also make use of a large toolkit of safety concepts with already pre-validated safety mechanisms. Innovative testing procedures, such as simulation-based failure injection tests, permit validating innovative concepts in early phases already and discussing them with certification authorities, if necessary, before effort-intensive development is started.
In the context of the Rapid Innovation Lab of Fraunhofer IESE, we support you in ensuring that your new product ideas are not only innovative, but also safe. Irrespective of whether you bring us your own product ideas or develop them together with us – we will develop a safety concept for you, from the first prototypes to the final implementation. If you wish, we will also coordinate these concepts directly with potential inspection authorities.