Safety Engineering

The increasing interconnection among very diverse systems creates new opportunities in terms of new applications and services. The potential is enormous, but in many areas it is indispensable to provide safety assurance – which may by a show stopper. Ultimately, however, only a safe product is really a product!

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safeTbox – Safe Time and Money

Model-based approaches are one means for mastering the steadily increasing level of complexity. Abstraction, modularization, hierarchy, and traceability – underpinned by adequate tool support – increase efficiency and decrease failure proneness.

Our free safeTbox Suite shows how model-based Safety Engineering and Systems Engineering can be integrated comprehensively and effectively.


ConSerts: Open, adaptive – and still safe!

Systems are increasingly interconnected, open, and adaptive. Due to these characteristics, established safety engineering methods can only be used under certain conditions.

ConSerts are a novel approach for the conditional certification of systems, contingent on assumed properties of their environment. These properties are checked at runtime.


Safe and innovative

Many new product ideas also factor in smartphones or other CE hardware, and the question arises whether a reliable safety concept can be developed despite the use of components that are not trustworthy. Together with you we ensure that your products are not only innovative, bit also safe!

Safety for Autonomous Systems

We are collaborating with our industry partners on the functional safety of autonomous systems in the context of national and international projects as well as bilaterally.

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