Seminars and Workshops

For more than 20 years, we have been offering comprehensive seminars and workshops on various topics related to the issue of process improvement. The following seminars are part of our portfolio:

  • Software Development Processes: This seminar teaches an overview of common agile and plan-based process models for the development of software-based systems and shows how process models can be created and maintained with the help of tools.
  • Product and Process Measurement: In this seminar, you will learn about frequently used metrics for the systematic evaluation of various quality characteristics of software products and processes.
  • Aligning Organizations through Strategic Measurement: This seminar shows how the elicitation of performance indicators helps you to communicate goals and strategies within the company transparently and how to objectively monitor success, respectively failure.
  • Cost Estimation, Benchmarking, and Risk Assessment: This seminar teaches the basics of systematic effort estimation using the CoBRA® approach for the creation of risk-based effort estimation models.
  • Defect Management and Prediction: This seminar offers an introduction to the basics of defect management and defect prediction.
  • Technology Evaluation using Empirical Processes: This seminar teaches basic knowledge for how to systematically evaluate new technologies and processes in terms of their benefit for your company.
  • Big Data Scientist: This 5-day intensive training teaches a broad range of basic knowledge and certifies the participants as Big Data Scientists. It is being offered in the context of the Fraunhofer Big Data Alliance.
  • Analyzing the Potential of Big Data: This seminar supports you in systematically analyzing your needs and the benefits you can get from the use of Big Data in your organization.

We will gladly adapt our procedure to your wishes and put together a program that is customized to your needs. All of the topics listed above can also be offered in the form of workshops where we assist you in taking the first steps towards a viable concept for your organization.