Big Data Potential and Data Analytics

Through the trend towards digitalization and developments such as the Internet of Things, objects from the real world are also being brought alive electronically. The interconnection of formerly separate systems (i.e., heading in the direction of Smart Ecosystems) opens up completely new possibilities and the amount of available data and information is growing all the time. Everyone is talking about “Big Data”. But is it even worth it for your organization to invest in Big Data? Are you missing out on a company-critical trend? The answer is not simple. The strategic benefits of Big Data on the one hand are often offset by major costs for hardware, software, training, etc. on the other hand. In addition, the current technology market is very confusing and the individual technical solutions greatly vary among each other in terms of price and scope of service.

Make use of Big Data as an opportunity for new, innovative business ideas: Together we will implement your ideas as prototypes in our Big Data Lab and will help you trade off costs and benefits and expand your product portfolio accordingly.

Even if you are just starting to do brainstorming for ideas and need suggestions as to which direction you might take, we can help you with our tried and tested creativity workshops from our competence area Requirements to develop new ideas and to identify application scenarios.

This is also true if you are already thinking about the integration of Big Data technologies into your product and if you are about to define a Big Data architecture: Together with our architects we will gladly help you complement your existing systems in a way that makes sense.