Agile Transition

The ability to deploy innovations to the customer quickly is an important factor for success in a strongly competitive market. In this context, agile development paradigms, in particular, have become very popular, as they make it possible to roll out new features as quickly as possible while ensuring that they match the customers‘ needs., However, some adaptations are required to use these methods and master the underlying practices, particularly in domains with extensive regulatory requirements (e.g., Automotive SPICE, functional safety in accordance with IEC 61508, or Medical Products Act).

We help you redesign your development processes accordingly: Do you prefer to proceed in a revolutionary manner and replace your old process with Scrum, Kanban, or XP, or do you rather follow a more evolutionary approach, making your old process agile incrementally? We support you in making the right decision! To do so, we rely on our experience base with agile components, which we incorporate into your to-be process depending on the objectives.

In addition, we are working on how to use agile processes for the development of complex systems. Whether “Scrum of Scrums”, “Scaling Agile”, “Agile Runway”, or the “Scaled Agile Framework”: We know which approaches exist in research and practice and help you select a suitable approach and adapt it to your needs.