Big Data. Data Science. Machine Learning. Scared by these buzzwords? We support you in identifying innovative data-driven solutions, analyzing their technical feasibility and acceptance, and objectively managing your software quality at development and runtime using data.

Our Competence: Data

Data analytics leads to long-term success in Big Data

Autonomous driving, Industrie 4.0, Internet of Things, and Big Data represent innovations that are enabled by software. The increasing digitalization leads to new challenges that must be mastered with regard to the development of software-based systems. Not only the technical processes, resp. business processes, that are controlled in this manner are getting more complex: Systems are also being increasing interconnected in networks in order to offer customers added value compared to stand-alone solutions. This trend towards digitalization and system integration also results in the creation of completely new business models – for example based on Big Data Analytics.

Our data engineers in our competence area “Data” know how an organization needs to be set up in order to be able to address these challenges through systematic elicitation and smart analysis of data and information.

We are pursuing an empirical approach where we:

  • Identify improvement goals
    Collect data about the corresponding processes
    Identify weak points
    Initiate improvement measures and then analyze their effects

This is what we offer:

  • Establishment of performance indicator systems in accordance with GQM or GQM+Strategies®
    Measurement of software quality in accordance with ISO/IEC 25010
    Establishment of prediction models or combination and analysis of extensive company data (Big Data)

In addition, we have the appropriate competencies and tools to help you find usage scenarios that make sense, to systematically analyze your data, and to derive patterns and models from them.

Our Focus


Big Data Potential and Data Analytics

We help you to weigh the costs and benefits of Big Data and to expand your product portfolio accordingly.


Measurement and Performance Indicators

We support you in analyzing your data and derive sensible models from them.