Customer Comments & Projects

“The Fraunhofer IESE staff demonstrated in the in-house architecture seminar performed at BTC AG that they are capable of successfully combining extensive theoretical knowledge with practical competence. The seminar took place in a very constructive and pleasant atmosphere. They taught the basics of software architecture with the help of practical examples and showed ways of using the contents in everyday work. The lecturers showed a lot of enthusiasm in dealing with specific requirements.”

Dr. Niels Streekmann, BTC AG

“The collaboration with Fraunhofer IESE has made the strengths of the FibuNet software development explicit in a measurable form and has shown us where our architecture still has potential for improvement. We will systematically exploit this potential in order to validate the current quality characteristics and further increase the efficiency of the new FibuNet version. It is fun to collaborate with the IESE professionals on an equal footing.”

Ralf Graap, Geschäftsführer Technik der FibuNet GmbH

“Our collaboration with Fraunhofer IESE has turned out to be a good decision. The analysis of our current system, the development of a future-proof software architecture, sustainable design decisions, the execution of prototypes, and the introduction of a modern holistic development methodology have always been accompanied by a high degree of professional competence, flexibility, and extraordinary commitment. We thank you for the open, pleasant, and very trusting collaboration and would like to continue it successfully with you in the future.”

Holger Eser, KSB Aktiengesellschaft

“In the context of the selection process for replacing an operative system, Fraunhofer IESE was involved in the conceptual phase of system development. Future-oriented technical realization possibilities were analyzed and a neutral assessment of the existing product was performed in accordance with our requirements. The performance was impressive, since a solid basis for how to proceed further could be created on a very professional level within the shortest possible time. Our thanks go to Fraunhofer IESE for this successful collaboration!”

Michael Nachtigäller, Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Robert Bade, Lufthansa Cargo


Daimler FleetBoard: Architecture in the Agile Context

Daimler FleetBoard develops and sells telematics-based Internet services for efficient fleet management. Telematics devices in trucks as well as vehicle and transport management services and their operation are part of its portfolio. With the telematics solutions of Daimler FleetBoard, transport companies can save up to 15 percent fuel in construction-site, distribution, and longdistance traffic and can manage their logistics processes better.


John Deere: Using Architecture for Agile Software Development

In their transition to agile development methods, John Deere ISG (Intelligent Solutions Group) was supported by Fraunhofer IESE experts in using architecture principles in such a way that communication across sites was improved in order to develop a joint vision of the software architecture and firmly establish it in the development process.


Lufthansa AG

We have supported Lufthansa AG in selecting an adequate system technology for replacing an operative system.


Tekla Corporation, Finland

In order to ensure that maintenance costs will remain moderate, Tekla performed an architecture evaluation together with Fraunhofer IESE and in cooperation with R&D Ware Oy, a Finnish software engineering consulting company. The architecture evaluation results allow Tekla to make improvement efforts in a very dedicated and focused manner.

Cross-Energy Management (CEM)

In the project ”CEM - Cross-Energy Management”, we are building the IT architecture for a safe energy supply in the future. Smart coordination between the various sources of energy (such as electrical power, heating/cooling, gases, energy-intensive semifinished products) does not only lead to optimization of system efficiency, but also helps to compensate for the fluctuation in the energy provided by sun and wind. The necessary prerequisite is an interconnected, resilient IT that flexibly integrates all stakeholders from the energy supply chains. We provide answers to questions regarding the system architecture, system security, data security, as well as openness and interoperability.