Tools make it possible to efficiently accelerate the work of the architect. There are many situations that architects can only master with the support of suitable tools, particularly when the systems become larger and more complex. This is why our method is supported by a series of tools:

  • FERAL simulates the effects of architecture decisions. Architecture decisions are strategic decisions and have a massive impact on the structure of the system. They should hence be made on the basis of facts. With FERAL, we create architecture prototypes of embedded systems and Smart Ecosystems, simulate the effects of decisions on the system level, check early on whether new ideas can be implemented efficiently, and ensure that the right things are implemented correctly.
  • ACES Technologies MDG comprises extensions for Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems to support architects in the application of the architecture method ACES. ACES Technologies contains adapted templates, charts, elements, as well as automation for recurring manual tasks. This turns Enterprise Architect into a real architecture tool.
  • Fraunhofer SAVE is a tool for the analysis and visualization of software architectures and for architecture compliance checking (SAVE stands for Software Architecture Visualization and Evaluation). In order to assure correct implementation of the architecture specifications, our tools allow semi-automated checking of the compliance between the architecture of a system and the code implementing this system.