Software Architecture

We have the necessary competence and the required expertise to bring your software architecture to the next level.

Our Competence: Architecture

The architecture is the key to success. From embedded systems, information systems, and variant-rich system families via distributed applications with mobile end devices and Cloud services to so-called Smart Ecosystems integrating data and services across company boundaries – one thing is certain for all of them: The intended business goals and the desired quality properties can only be achieved – reliably, effectively, and efficiently – if the architecture of a system is known and the complexity of the software system can be mastered via the architecture. In this context, it is important that the architecture is neither an end in itself nor a piece of necessary documentation. On the contrary: the architecture is an investment in planning, conception, prediction, communication, and control, which pays off when business and technical decisions can be made on the basis of solid facts and when the right software system can be built correctly and viably.

What We Offer: 

  • developing innovative and valuable software systems with predictable and adequate quality within time and budget constraints
  • making fact-based decisions explicitly and based on facts instead of just hoping that things will work out
  • designing proactively instead of lagging behind trends and technologies

Our Focal Areas


Architecture Evaluation

Regardless of whether the issue is a technology decision, prediction of quality features, assessment of the expected future development costs: An architecture evaluation provides useful facts and insights.


Architecture Construction

A suitable architecture construction aims at clearly defined qualities and avoids unnecessary and costly misdevelopments.


Architecture Renovation and Optimization

We help you improve your architecture while also taking into account changed business models and new interaction concepts.

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