Information Systems

Modern information systems and interactive systems are becoming ever more complex. Hype topics such as service orientation or cloud computing as well as increasingly mature technologies including those in the area of mobile end devices further increase the complexity of these systems. The challenges that our customers often face are the result of multi-dimensional project settings with many stakeholders, interests, and systems as well as the complex workflows of one or several networked companies. Other typical challenges include complex user interfaces, ensuring and verifying required system qualities, and last but not least, the multitude of variants and configurations of our customers’ systems.

The division Information Systems develops innovative methods and solutions for the development of complex information systems and interactive systems. In order to offer an immediate added value, we apply our methods directly during our customers’ product development and/ or transfer our methods and solutions to our customers. These include organizations that use software solutions for their business processes, e.g., from the banking and insurance sector or from the domain of medical IT systems, organizations from such areas as public administration and defense, as well as software developing companies (both large corporations and SMEs).



User Experience and Requirements Engineering (UXR)


Security Engineering (SE)


Architecture-Centric Engineering (ACE)