Veranstaltung  /  29.9.2015  -  30.9.2015

4. Deutsch-Brasilianischer Dialog über Wissenschaft, Forschung und Innovation

Smart Ecosystems: Enabler for Future Innovations, Vortrag von Prof. Rombach, 30.09.2015, 11:40 - 12:10 Uhr

Terms like “Cyber Physical Systems” or “Smart Ecosystems” characterize the current trends in the software domain. Both terms refer to the increasing interconnection of physical with digital world. Prominent examples include production (Industry 4.0), mobil ity, logistics, health, daily life or energy. On the one hand, these “Smart Ecosystems” enable innovations resulting in new business models, companies, and jobs. On the other hand, they pose new challenges for software and system engineering. Examples incl ude the integration of Security and Safety, and the run - time adaptation without sacrifizing required quality of service guarantees. Fraunhofer IESE in Germany and the Fraunhofer Project Center at UFBA in Brasil have jointly developed necessary software and systems engineering technologies. In this presentation the focus will be on “Smart Ecosystems” for health and daily life. The opportunities and challenges of “Smart Ecosystems” in health and daily life will be introduced, the related software and system e ngineering challenges and solutions will be presented, and the potential for job creation in both Germany and Brasil will be illustrated.

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