Whitepaper: How to demonstrate the business value of big data

Big Data projects often fail because they are neither aligned with the strategic objectives nor adapted to the operational capabilities of a specific organization.

Industrial surveys report that 60% of Big Data projects fail to go beyond piloting and experimentation and are abandoned [2]. Furthermore, less than 50% of lagging organizations have made cultural or business model adjustments that suffice to benefit from Big Data [1]. In addition, it has been found that 90% of deployed data lakes end up being useless as they are overwhelmed with information assets captured for uncertain use cases [1].

Turn big data into value by aligning it with the business needs and operational capabilities of a specific organization. Business value, not data, is the key driver of Big Data.


Success requires both the right strategy and operational effectiveness.

[Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business School]

Identify and close the gap between the potential benefits of available data and the ability to turn that data into business insight and value.