Digital Twins

Whitepaper: Der Digitale Zwilling für Smart Cities – zwischen Erwartungen und Herausforderungen

Die Entwicklung von Smart Cities hat im Sinne der »Smart City Charta« in Deutschland für das Aufkommen eines neuen Trends gesorgt: die konzeptionelle Übertragung von »Digitalen Zwillingen« aus der Industrie und Weltraumforschung auf das Management von intelligenten Städten. In unserem…

Continuous Engineering (Continuous Planning and Continuous Budgeting)

Continuous Engineering for Industrie 4.0 (Part 2)

Future-proof decision making can be enabled by Continuous Planning and Continuous Budgeting with Continuous Integration of Digital Twins: Today we continue the series Continuous Engineering for Industrie 4.0, where we are exploring how continuous engineering practices should be instantiated to the automation domain to support Industrie 4.0 principles.

Continuous Engineering for Industrie 4.0

Continuous Engineering for Industrie 4.0 (Part 1)

Rolling out changes in complex systems is always a challenge. Regardless of whether a software component needs to be modified or whether a change in the communication network needs to be made, any change may lead to unexpected behavior. Continuous…

Implementing the Industrie 4.0 IT Infrastructure for Digital Twins

In our previous blog post, we outlined a solution architecture to show what an Industrie 4.0 IT infrastructure for Digital Twins can look like. However, an architecture on its own is not sufficient for realizing Industrie 4.0. To bring the…

Digital Twins for Agriculture

Digital Twins for Agriculture

Digital Twins as a new solution for agriculture: In digital agriculture, the across-the-board exchange of data and services is still a major problem. We therefore propose placing a fundamentally new concept over existing data standards and formats, without abolishing these:…