Requirements Engineering

Engineering Satisfaction!

Satisfying or even exceeding customer expectations is what characterizes successful organizations!

In order to assure that expectations can be satisfied by a software system, they must be known first.

Requirements Engineering (RE) is the basis for assuring that a piece of software can actually deliver what it is supposed to do, and that it can be used successfully without any problems.

However, Requirements Engineering is not done with a one-time elicitation of technical software features! Rather, Requirements Engineering is a holistic design and decision process that supports the entire software (development) lifecycle.

For this reason, it is essential that requirements are considered from all perspectives involved in a project. Our integrated approach “Satisfy” assures that the goals and requirements of customer organizations, end users, as well as development engineers are elicited and aligned explicitly. The corresponding methods and broad experience we have developed in this regard will therefore result in the best possible support for your requirements processes.

Besides a large portfolio of services in the area of requirements elicitation, analysis, specification, validation, and management, our thematic focus lies on the integrated design of business and IT, on innovative and user-centric software, as well as on the optimization and tailoring of requirements processes based on lean principles.

We therefore support both organizations that develop software and organizations that use software by offering consulting, outsourcing, coaching, and technology transfer.